Summer’s Essentials…

It’s Summertime and it’s Hot as fish grease!! Now that I’m a mom I feel like I have to keep the activities continuous, even when the heat index is 100+! With that said, the pools are open and we are ready, are you? If you have little ones, here are a few Essentials you must have; they have all worked wonders for me and my boys!

First up, gotta have a good sunscreen, Priority! I’ve tested out a few, including Mustela, which I liked, but I love Wet Skin, by Neutrogena! 70+ spf- check, easy application-check! Get it!

Wet Skin Kids Sunblock Spray SPF 70+Next up,
A stumbled upon,  must have…The Earbandit! This little, strip of neoprene( I swear I could have made this myself) with velcro closure was the little miracle my oldest needed in order to get his head in the water!!! Although, the instructor said, “it’s only a placebo” it was exactly what my little guy needed to jumpstart his water passion!!! I was even able to wash his hair with Earbandit in place, without protest! Get one!!!! P.S. we didn’t even need to wear the ear plugs, just the Bandit!

The Earbandit!

Another must have for trips to the beach and the pool- A shaded, floating device! This was a must have for our first island trip with baby! We knew we were going to spend a lot of time in the pool and ocean and wanted to keep the baby shaded and safe! The Sunshade Wave Floatwas perfect! It packed up nicely and it survived two major trips! It was more of a chore to wait for it to deflate, but it was well worth the cost and our #1 loved it!!!

Sunshade Wave Float

Keep that baby shaded and cool!

The last thing you will need for your child’s summer essentials are a good pair of swim trunks, swim suit, rash guard and hat! I’m loving all of these…

Girls' stripe rash-guard top

Stripe Guard

Boys' board short in nautical stripe

Feeling Nautical

Girls' polka-dot tank

Retro Girl

Kids' Panama hat

Cool Cap

Girls' Salt-Water® surfer sandals

The perfect unisex sandal

Now you’re set! So get to Splashing!!!

Chat ya, later!!!!

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One thought on “Summer’s Essentials…

  1. That Sunshade Wave Float is cute. Just add a cup holder, slap a couple of high-powered micro-motors on the back of that sucker, and little man will be set.

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