All The Right Equipment

The Inspiration...Equipment Blouse!

                                        Inspired by Equipment

A key look for fall is definitely the button-up/down, blouse. Keeping with the menswear inspiration, the button-up/down shirt has taken on many looks this summer. From long in the back to short in the front, to sleeveless, to prints. And just in time for fall, comes the brightly-lit version, which I personally am Loving, Loving, Loooooving!!!!! Who can’t use such a staple in their wardrobe? Well, look no further than Equipment. I fell in love with this label a while back. Here’s a little skinny on the brand: In 1975, designer Christian Restoin gave menswear shirts a glam, feminine appeal with the launch of Equipment clothing, which became recognized for refined tailoring and timelesness. After years of perfecting the shirt, Serge Azria re-launched Equipment in 2010, retaining its sophisticated French minimalism while fusing it with laid-back California style(Guess this is why I love the look). Androgynous silhouettes and discreet sexiness show the many facets of the Equipment woman: she is strong, chic, adventurous, sexy, and above all, classic(Always key, stay classic).     Fyi, Serge Azria is the brother of the infamous Max Azria, better known as the man behind BCBG! Need I say more?I know the price tag is a little steep, but I’ve found a few “affordable” options for the fashionista on a budget, like myself! Investing in quality is always a plus, especially when it is for an item that is sure to remain in rotation in your closet!  Just take a look for yourself and get yourself  a  blouse or two for fall!


Bright & Bold

Equipment Brett Blouse

Golden Glow

Coincidence & Chance Silky Colorblock Blouse

Color Blocking

Boy shirt in snowcat

The Purrrfect Print

Blythe blouse in silk

Vibrant Violet


Military Chic

Chat ya later!

Ladybird Toni

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3 thoughts on “All The Right Equipment

  1. Love the button blouse look and looking to add a few more to my closet. I have a few on my shopbop “wishlist”. Great post.

  2. I am a huge fan of the button down blouse. Have many! It is a trend that never stops trending. I would love to get more printed ones. On the look out! Good post! Also, love Equipment!

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