Web-Jaunt will be a weekly rundown of  what captured our attention, fun and interesting info, and fabulous stuff we love across the web.

Ladybird Dyan

This Girl! I really have some amazing & talented friends. Check it out.

My new daily goal.

This definitely speaks to my inner child and is bookmarked for a party idea. Click through the slideshow…”low brow cereal given the high brow treatment

Oprahism’s to improve brain functioning. I’m all over it.

Ladybird Toni

Window shopping on the web here!

Loving this hair trend.

My interpretation!



Fall previews keep coming…From Saks

 The perfect carrier! I just adore my little close to me in this!
 This very cool DIY! Might have to try this one out this winter (winter weather=shut in=great time, to diy)
And a cool way to turn your Instagrams into Art here!
Ladybird J.P. Archie
I made this yummy chicken salad this week!

photo credit: hows sweet it is

Not your normal everyday class!
Amazing interview on this fab lady…the site is amazing too.

photo credit: urban bush babies

loving the shrunken cardigan here
Enjoy the weekend!
chat you, later
The Ladybirds
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One thought on “web-jaunt

  1. Dyan, that’s a pretty good goal to have. Actually, the more I think about it, it’s pretty darn powerful. Thanks for sharing.

    Toni, nice hairstyle. Is that the “every day Toni” look?

    JP, I’m going to sign you up for that synchronized swimming class since you can get your hair wet in the pool now 😉

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