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Strolling Along!!
photo credit: Giggle

It’s a Mommy Monday!!! This post is especially for all my mommy’s and future mommy’s-to-be! Being a mom of two can be quite a daunting task! With the first child you think you need everything under the sun and then some! By the time the second, third, and so on come around, you start to feel a little more seasoned and learn to recycle and reuse!!! Personally, there were so many things I wanted, from top of the line cribs, car seats, and gliders and even more things to choose from, which made making a decision, at times, very tough! Which brings me to my point, how does one go about picking just the right stroller?? I mean, there are like, literally, a million of them on the market to choose from and I have read, tested out, and reviewed about…half of them (I kid you not) Here are my top picks. A quick, cheat sheet, if you will, of the top strollers that have worked for me and others I know! If you need more help, may I recommend checking out one of my favorite Go to for all things Baby store, Giggle! If you don’t know, you need too! Everything in this store is Amaze!!!!  First up…

Graco Snap’n Go

Now, I know you’re thinking, this is way too basic for your baby needs, but trust me, I wish I would have had this handy dandy stroller for my first little. Oh, how it makes for a much simpler life when you can just transfer your car seat (with baby in tow, of course) to stroller and roll(pun intended). It’s lightweight, folds in a single snap, ample storage space beneath, cup holder and key holder! Love it! Now many of the additional strollers I will highlight offer separate attachments which allow for essentially the same thing (snap car seat into stroller from the base) however many aren’t quite as easy to manage! Which takes me to my next, must have stroller…

The Maclaren Quest

photo credit: Toys R Us

For me, this is by far the best of the best for umbrella strollers! Perfect for travel. Lightweight and easy to break down! All very key, when you’re a mommy on the move!! I received my Maclaren as a gift (Thanks Archie’s and MomG) when I had my first. Fast forward almost 4 years later, and this baby is still doing its thang! It’s been from California to Paris to South Africa! I don’t think I have to say much more! Worth the investment!

BOB Jogging Stroller

photo credit: Toys R Us

So this was a must have with my husband being a runner and all ( we all head down to the Miami for the ING Half Marathon every Winter for the last 7 years) we had to have the top of the line in running strollers. Now, the BOB came in very close with this one, but we settled for the BOB and it has served this family (including the babysitter) very well. Like all the aforementioned, the BOB is also very easy to manage. It’s lightweight, to some degree. It is not the most travel friendly, but I have seen plenty of people working there way through an airport with it. It certainly stands up to the mean, city streets. One little thing, the tires often need air, but most of that may be due to city life, wear and tear. Husband approved!

Last, but most certainly not least…

Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller

photo credit: blah blah birds

The City Select, hands down, is the best stroller investment we have made, by far. I had seen the City Select out and about and in use and thought, hmm…that would be perfect for toting around 2! Indeed, I was correct. Now, the husband was a little taken aback by the price point (the stroller alone, without the additional seat will set you back $500) so he needed a little more convincing. I had also looked at this one, but wasn’t really keen on the idea of my oldest not really having a “real seat”.  He often likes to “ride.” So, I was on a mission to get my Double! All I have to say is the City Select has served us well and we have tried out about 4 of the 16 seat configurations! Amaze! It’s perfect for extra tall folk (like my husband who’s a mere 6’5”). It folds up easily, has storage aplenty, and huge canopy! Now, it wouldn’t be right for me not to mention some of the drawbacks, but I must keep it real. This stroller has lots of extras, that are all at a cost to YOU-i.e. cup holder, car seat attachments, the list goes on. It can also be a tad heavy and if you travel with it, like we do, you must invest in a very large carrying bag-must! If you see the end result of the many bags we have purchased, you’ll be happy it’s your bag that goes through the ringer and not your stroller! All in all, the husband was convinced and the mommy and babies are all Happy Strollers!

Most Honorable Mention goes the ever so popular:

Bugaboo Cameleon

Most loved by celebs and New Yorkers( I always see tons of folk in NYC with this stroller, must give good tread)


The Orbit Baby Travel System

This is another celeb favorite and I must admit, I too longed for this stroller system, but settled for a toddler car seat, which has been absolutely incredible and so easy to adjust, which is a major plus, in my book!!!

If you are stroller shopping or know someone who is, spread the word! You are now ready to Stroll!!!

Chat ya later!!

Ladybird Toni

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