Prints and Texture…

Today is a really light post!     I had a phone meeting with my ladybirds, Dyan and Toni yesterday to discuss new and exciting stuff  for our precious blog, and I was telling them that this week has been a really slow blog week for me, and I was struggling a bit about what to post.  Of course they were encouraging me, but my creative juices still weren’t flowing!   So,  I thought a little inspiration via photos would make everyone happy today!   Fashion photos always do the trick for me!

I’m definitely a lover of prints and textures.   My eyes just go crazy happy when they see beautiful and colorful prints.   If I were a designer, I would definitely be all about prints and textures, move over DVF!  They just make life more exciting!

Here’s what I got (click on the links to see more)



photo credit: urban bush babes

Bum Cake



photo credit: vanessa jackman

Paris  Couture Fashion Week



photo credit: all the pretty birds

Love Tamu McPherson’s Sunday Were Made For…



photo credit: hip paris blog

People watching in Paris!



photo credit: GABIFRESH

Gabi is always so darling! 



photo credit: all the pretty birds

Hanne Gaby



photo credit: urban bush babes

Bianca Walker



photo credit: vanessa jackman

Her boots-Paris



photo credit: the sartorialist

Anna Piaggi



photo credit: the sartorialist

Texture of her hair and print of her dress. Pretty!



STOP! I had to stop before this post was 10 days long.  lol!!!

Have good times today!  



Chat you, later

Ladybird J.P. Archie

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