food for your soul

I joined pinterest a long time ago.  Somewhere around when it made its first debut and before it became such a popular “time waster.”  I thought the concept was cool at first. But there weren’t many people I knew on it. Plus I didn’t really get how to make it work for me.

Until it was time time to start planning my wedding.   Kind a true to my personality, it took a while for me to get it into high gear with the wedding planning.  For some reason, I was not into buying too many wedding magazines and thought pinning ideas would be easier and better for me. And it did help.  But once the wedding was over, so was my brief affair with pinterest.

When we launched BBB though, I decided to revisit pinterest. I instantly saw why it had become such a popular sharing site. The obvious downside it that it’s another site to check and you can easily get sucked in so before you know it, way too much time has passed by. I love it though! For the fashion and style pins, old classic photos, organizational tips and home decor ideas.  We’re moving in a couple of weeks and this category has become super handy!

Above all of this, I love the quotes and inspirational pins I have found. You remember those little quotes and inspiration cut out cards from Oprah’s magazine back in the day? I would put them on my closet door and bathroom mirror and read them every morning. I moved away from that but still have a few on my desk and bulletin board.  After we move, I am going to add some of the recent ones I’ve come across on pinterest.

It’s just something about reading positive, inspirational thoughts that help me put so many things into perspective.  They provide me with much needed motivation and help me learn to appreciate the process.  Whatever process I am going through…good, bad or ugly.

So I decided to share a few of my recent favorites with you.  Hope they can add something to your day!

Feel free to check out the rest of my inspiration for the soul board here.  And if you have any ones you’d love to share, add them in the comments section.  You can never have too many!

Chat ya’ later

Ladybird Dyan

*all photos in this post are courtesy of pinterest

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One thought on “food for your soul

  1. Lovely!!! I am so glad you are my dear friend and sister. To love, share, pray, and inspire are the makings of a great friend. One quote that was sent to me by a great friend is “Life is a journey, not a destination” I have to keep remembering that as I tend to be anxious to get to the destination. 🙂

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