staying neutral…

photo credit: popsugar

jessica’s wearing: striped blazer (similar), blouse, jeans, shoes, bag (similar)

I love prints and lots of color, but every now and then I like to keep it fresh and simple.  Jessica Alba’s look really inspired this post.  I love that she paired different shades of neutrals together.   From her sunnies to her flats, she rocked the neutral look fabulously!   Neutrals don’t always have to be white, cream, or beige.  You can throw in a mauve or a light grey, even a light coral.   Just keep it light and calming to the eye.

Here are some of my neutral finds…

 1. ballet flats 2. tunic with patch pockets 3. open-work jumper 4. kittiwake jumpsuit 5. embellished kimono 6. gilt loxodonta belt 7. contrast trim blazer 8. puff bag 9. long sleeve shirt


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