blah-blah-blah, will be a new feature on our lovely blog.   You want to know what we chat about on the phone, instagram, or text ?  Well, this is it!   New discoveries, fashion help, advice, and anything we want to chat about will be right here for all our readers to enjoy!  If you want to leave a comment and add to the dialogue definitely do so.   We love girl talk! 

August 27th:

T: New color alert!  Fashion Nomad.  Just came out at MAC.  Deeper Orange!

D: Good looking!  Will check it out.

J: Went to MAC! Mixed Chili and Ruby Woo lipstick suggested by Irina at the Manhattan Beach store…lol

J: Not the best pic. lol!

J: That  Fashion Nomad, not a fan!

D:  Lol. I have to remember to try it.  Is it reddish orangish?  Did you get the other ones?  I love Ruby Woo!

August 28th: 

J: This is Touch by MAC, a nice neutral?!?!

T: Love Touch!! Still use. Love the hair!

D: Lol! All  theses lipstick photos and finds need to be one of our Tuesday posts that we have not started yet.

D: And I too love Touch and the hair!!!

J: Thanks ladies!!!  True True!! Going to start the Tuesday chat!

via instagram

T: I found the perfect orange So Chaud by MAC! This is the one!

J: Love it!!!

D: Liked

T: Date night!

J: Have fun!

D: ditto! and what’s that color. me likey that one!

T: Feel So Fine: Literally. By MAC

The ladybirds have really been giving MAC some good air time, as of late! Have you?

And that’s all folks…

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3 thoughts on “blah-blah-blah…

  1. NIce looks, ladies. On another note, I wanted to know if when you (T & C) have date night, as young parents, what is a respectable curfew that you try to get in by and is drinking ever involved. Just wanted to know what considered acceptable protocol for date night when you have young kids at home.

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