Web-Jaunt will be a weekly rundown of  what captured our attention, fun and interesting info, and fabulous stuff we love across the web. 



photo credit: book of hours

Who doesn’t love a little daytime sparkle?



photo credit: celebuzz

I’m kinda feeling this turban style



photo credit: sweet paul

This looks too yummy to pass…Winter Baking Here I come!



photo credit: apartment therapy

5 ways to make your house feel like home. Love #2 and #4



photo credit: so delushious

I started following Chrissy Teigen’s blog because of this cake (donuts being my fav) and then her instagram feed (she’s kinda fun & funny) and now she is in cooking school (101 things to do in 1001 days). Check her out!



photo credit: Unique LA

 Ohhhhh, my!  Whisky and Coffee, that might send me over the top.  More details here if  your interested.

Ladybird  Dy, would be so down to do this with me.   Get that moving van packed up and out west, lady! lol!



photo credit: bonappetit.com

 Bacon, popcorn, and cashews…whoa!  That just screams yummy to my tummy!



photo credit: bonappetit.com

 I’m on a role with the food and spirits for this weeks web-jaunt.  Could not leave this one out of the bunch.



photo credit: the canal house

Came across these ladies here, but have gone through their entire site here.  My fav is the Canal House Cooks Lunch here.



That’s all folks…lol!  Happy Friday!



chat you, later

The Ladybirds

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