Dining in Tucson

I had a more elaborate post planned in my mind, but technical difficulties reared its ugly head last night.  I told you I was going to share my foodie finds from part one of my trip and although I won’t be able to share all the pics I took, I have a few photos, some links and reviews. So if you ever find yourself in Tucson, Arizona, I think I’ve got you covered on the food front.

My tennis team and I have been on three trips over the summer for tennis tournaments.  And due to my self-proclaimed food enthusiast status, I was assigned the duty of suggesting some eateries.  I did a pretty good job when we went to Augusta, GA (Boll Weevil, Roosters Beak) and Mobile, AL (The Bicycle Shop, Wintzells Oyster House). So I did my best to not let my team members down since we were getting on a plane to travel all the way from Atlanta to Tucson.

I typically keep a list of places I want to eat in various cities.  Places I see on television, read in magazines or on blogs and even restaurants I see on instagram,  I take full advantage of social media in that way! Unfortunately, I had nothing on the list for Tuscon. I don’t think I ever had thoughts or real plans of visiting the area.  However, I do have Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix on the list. But when I dont have anything jotted down, my next plan of attack is to scour the many food blogs I follow, do a cross reference with Yelp and local area mags and newspapers.  It sounds like a lot, a little obsessive…but its fun and in the end, the reward of a good meal makes it all worth it.

El Charro Cafe – Serving traditional Mexican-Sonoran food and home of the chimichanga, this is supposed to be one of Tucson’s most popular restaurants.  I went to the original, downtown location and immediately fell in love with the fresh chips and spicy salsa before the meal arrived.  Our waiter was friendly and funny and strongly suggested I get the carne seca chimichanga, elegante style (with all the fixings).  He was so enthusiatic about it, I couldn’t pass it up. I’ll let the photo speak for itself.

carne seca chimichanga

Cafe Poca Cosa – Described as specialty Mexican cuisine, this menu is seasonal and offers a unique take on traditional dishes. And because their selection changes daily, they write their menu on a chalkboard instead of having printed menus.  It was more upscale than I thought for a quick lunch between matches, but still considered casual.  The food was fresh, innovative and delicious. I had the carne asada with an avocado sauce and the hubby got the chicken torta with a sweet corn masa. Yum, yum, yum!  I wish I could have tried a cocktail since the bar looked like it served refreshing options, but maybe next time.

El Guero Canelo – I had never heard of a sonoran hot dog but apparently, you can’t go to the Tucson area without having one.  I didn’t know how to justify getting people to go get a hot dog but luckily, El Guero Canelo had a booth at the Tucson Meet Yourself festival that a few of us went to one afternoon. The sonoran hot dog has a lot going on, a hot dog wrapped in bacon, grilled and topped with chopped tomatoes, onions, cheese, salsa, pinto beans, mayo and mustard.  It was a lot but I enjoyed it and quickly devoured it.

sonoran hot dog

Jax Kitchen – A break from all the mexican restaurants, Jax’s serves American comfort food.  Only a few of us went to the restaurant but everyone’s dinner was fabulous.  The french fries were perfect, I had a speciality cocktail with pineapple infused tequila and the pork chop with braised apples and brussel sprouts was amazing.  Enthusiastically gave this place a two thumbs up!

pork chop

An honorable mention: I had Beyond Bread on the short list.  They got rave reviews for their sandwiches.  I didn’t make it there but another team member did and concurred that the sandwiches were large and in charge. Just in case you’re there and have a taste for a sandwich.

Well, that’s all for this round.  Hopefully, you have some spots to add to your restaurant list. You never know when you’ll be in the area.

Chat ya’ later

Ladybird D

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