Buckle up & Get Yo Moto Runnin’…

photo credit: le catch

fall inspiration…moto runnin’

I don’t know about you, but my boot game is in need of a little fall updating! I can’t get enough of the buckle bootie trend that is in heavy rotation! I’m especially in love with all things Rag & Bone, especially these! Anybody feeling generous, Im a size 39! I would be just as happy with these by H by Hudson, a new to me boot line out of London that Im also digging! Not only are their women’s shoes fan-tab, the men’s collection is definitely worth taking a peek at, for all my fly-guys (shout out to Mr. Wills , Mr. Ross & Mr. Archie, whose ladies keep them looking oh so fresh!)  Buckle booties are perfectly paired with the classic, Moto Jacket! Known for its rough, rugged, edgy appeal, this fall the Moto jacket has transformed and is showing in an array of soft, feminine shades-from quilted brights to fun florals! Love and Love! It’s the perfect fall combination, don’t you think! Here are some of my top picks…

Chat ya, later!

Ladybird T.

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4 thoughts on “Buckle up & Get Yo Moto Runnin’…

  1. Good stuff! I have my eye on a biker leather jacket on ASOS. Real leather and affordable, just hope the photo is not deceiving of quality. Love all things Rag and Bone, but why they gotta be $500. Ha! Anyway, great post and thanks for the shout out for the husbands. Gotta keep them on trend!

  2. I love the last ones. I find with my larger feet, I need a little more height in my heel. Also love the shout out to the men, although Mr. Ross would argue that its the other way around, lol

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