flat out, smokin’…

photo credit: zara lookbook

my latest shoe fetish…the smoker flat

Happy Monday! If you tuned in to last weeks webjaunt, you may have taken note of two of my latest obsessions-Smoker Flats and Zara! The Smoker Flat is one hot trend that made its mark this summer and continued right on into fall. The smoker flat aka the slipper flat, is nothing new in the world of flats and I personally love them for their regal-like appearance . I recently scored a very inexpensive pair from Urban Outfitters in black corduroy, and I throw them on with leggings, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, whatever! They pair perfectly with just about anything! And Ladybird JP Archie recently told be about these! Lord knows, this mom on the go is always looking for whats hot and comfy in the world of fashion. No need to suffer in the name of fashion; those days are long gone for me! If you are on the hunt for some smokin’ flats, look no further than Zara! They have an array of styles and colors! I love how they even throw in a little novelty, which is another hot trend in the smoking flat-adding a little caricature here and there. Why not let your shoes be the center of attention? I’ll get you started…


Chat ya’ later!

Ladybird T.

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