Best of the Best…

I know Thanksgiving is something of the past, but I wanted to do a post on the Best Thanksgiving Food Plates/Spreads that I found on Instagram.    Me and LB Dyan along with the fam and friends got some laughs off of other people’s Thanksgiving plates.  Pure comedy!   I won’t show you those plates, but they were sad sad sad!   We analyzed, critiqued, and laughed.  It was a good time!

My Thanksgiving plate. . .


Beautiful, isn’t it?  I think so!  Not only is it pretty, but the food was all made from scratch and was super yummy to the last drop.  Still dreaming about it!  Wholesome goodness!

Here are some pretty TG plates/spreads. . .

photo credit: instagram

I love the brightness of the table as well as the non-traditional food.  Looks like good conversation was had at this table.



photo credit: instagram

What I liked about this plate was that mac & cheese.  It looks yummy as well as those brussel sprouts.



photo credit: instagram

I love all the white platters and serving dishes.  The food looks really yummy and a bit non-traditional. I can do without the pot on the table, though.



photo credit: instagram

This spread is beautiful and elegant.  They pulled out the best for their guest.  Yummy food along with a glass of Veuve Clicquot. Yes, please!



photo credit: instagram

Simple and colorful plate filled with traditional food of TG.  Also, love the plate and the decorative corn posing in the photo.



photo credit: instagram

Love the candle light reflecting off the wine glass and warmly lighting up the dinner plate.   The food looks yummy and looks like some homemade goodness.



One bad one for the road. . .

photo credit: instagram

Pure yuck!  WTH? I won’t tell you the celebrity that owns this plate.  Sorry for that visual, but I had to share.



Which plate/spread is the best in your book?



chat ya. . .later!

Ladybird J.P.Archie

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