Holiday Gift Guide (part 2)



Gifts for his and her, her and his. . .

For the love of face Perfect for him or her.

I’m all about unisex gifts…It’s nice to be able to share!

Make it personal…Monogram for him or her! Love this for the stylish man in your life! And then he can use this to protect his gift when he travles.

Who couldn’t use a spa day?!?

A little cookies and milk for the husband should spice up the home for Christmas!  Great if you play 12 Days of Christmas.

The husband will surely not forget those special dates if this is hanging around your neck.

Smells goods is always a good option.  This is my new current fav (hint hint). Still a classic I got last year and the men’s scent is great.

Apple products will sure to delight.  And cool gadgets to boot.

For the coffee aficionado in your life. Plus, these adorable mugs would definitely brighten a couples morning. These are perfect for newlyweds!

A couple that cooks together…eats well, lol. Maybe in LA or NY.


Happy Holidays!



Chat ya’ later

The Ladybirds


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