BBB Doing-It-Myself (DIM)…

When you can’t afford something, you make do!  So, I took up the challenge to do a Celine Trio bag DIY.  I mentioned this a while back over on my other blog that I wanted to make this happen, and I did!!! Woohooo!!!  Proud!

photo 2-1

The How-To. . .

photo 2-001

What you need:

three leather clutches/pouches

needle and black thread

sewing scissors or really sharp ones

gold-tone sew-on snaps

2 1/2 inches of black leather cord for straps

measuring tape


Sew two of the pouches tightly together right under the zipper, stop sewing about an inch away from the end of the pouch on each side.  Might need to use a sewing machine next time.  Not the best job, but it worked!  🙂


Sew on one snap to each end of the third pouch, then sew on other part of the snap on each end of the middle pouch making sure you line up the snaps with the third pouch.  Make sure they are on very tight, so triple up your thread.

Note: Make sure you sew the snaps on the right side of the pouch so that the zippers all line up when zipped closed.  Also, use a measuring tape to make sure the snaps are aligned and place at just the right spot.

photo 5-2

This is what it should look like when you’re done sewing the snaps


Now, get your leather cord and push each end through each side of the middle pouch and sew the ends to the lining inside tightly.  Adjust the length of the strap to whatever length you like before sewing them on.


And there you have it. . . your very own DIY Celine Trio bag

Doing It Myself…The Best!

Chat ya’ later

Ladybird J.P. Archie
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