How To Eat…

A Grapefruit!

photo 2-1

I was about to enjoy my grapefruit the other day while on the phone with Ladybird Dyan, and we got to talking about posting on simple everyday things.   I thought about posting on How to Eat A Grapefruit, which lead to us having a short conversation about grapefruit.  It went something like this. . .

LB Dyan: “You like grapefruit?”  

Me: “Yes!  You like them?”

LB Dyan: “I don’t care for grapefruit”

Me:  “Ohhhh. . . they’re so good!”

LB Dyan:  “How do you eat it? Do you peel it or use a grapefruit spoon?”

Me: “Grapefruit spoon? Didn’t know about that!”

LB Dyan:  “Yeah, my co-worker uses one when she eats grapefruit”

Me: “Wow! Let me look that up!” (searches internet)  

Me: “Wow, there are a lot of grapefruit spoons out there!  Plenty to choose from. . . think I will have to get me one!”

LB Dyan: *chuckles*

Me:  ” Thanks, I think I’m doing a post on grapefruit”

Soooo, here it goes Blah Blah Bird readers… How I Eat A Grapefruit!!!   Many people don’t care for grapefruit, because of its bitter sweet taste, but I love it! I prefer to eat my grapefruit right out the fridge, sliced in half, in a bowl, with a spoon, and never peeled.

1.  You have to know how to pick a grapefruit.  I chatted with one of the employees at Wholefoods about how to pick the best grapefruit.  He informed me that the more blemishes or scarring on a grapefruit, the more sweet (I already knew that, but wanted to make sure.  My mom told me that years ago). The scarring on a grapefruit are bee stings.  Bees love sweet nectar, so the scarring is a sure indication that the grapefruit is sweet. This goes for other citrus fruits too.

photo 1-2



2.  Use a good sharp knife to slice it horizontally down the middle.

photo 3-1



Voila!!!  So bright and pretty. . .ready to dig in.

photo 4



3.  Take a paring knife or a small sharp knife to cut around the edges to separate the meat from the skin.

photo 5



4. Place the cut half in your favorite bowl and pack the other half away for later.  I always eat mine in a cheery colorful bowl!

Isn’t it so pretty and yummy looking? 🙂

photo 1-1



5.  Use a grapefruit spoon or regular spoon to dig in and ENJOY!!!

photo 2



6.  Make sure you get all the juice out.   Ohhhh, it’s so refreshing!

photo 3

All Done!

Enjoy it for breakfast or a little snack in the evening to satisfy that sweet craving!



Have A Sweet Day!

Ladybird J.P. Archie
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