Happy Love Day…

I was catch-up chatting yesterday with  Ladybird T.  We talked about my trip to NYC and updating each other on what was going on in our busy lives.  Part of our conversation was about trying to connect with friends more and not letting our hectic lives get in the way of calling our dear friends.  It’s really hard, but we definitely need to make more of an effort to spread love and joy.  Whether it’s calling to chat for a short minute or long hours, we need to pick up the phone and call.  Life is too short and we have to let the people who mean the world to us know we love them, and not just on Valentine’s Day.


The Blah Blah Birds love to spread love.  So, today we challenge you to stop texting/emailing those dear friends or family and get back to the basics.  Send a note/letter or  video chat with Skype/Face-time.   Maybe set up a time each week or just make a point to check in each week.   If every week is too much, then try every other week, but don’t let weeks pass.   Texting is so easy, but sometimes you need to hear their voice.  Make sure they’re ok and that all is well!  Oh, and Ladybird T, we need to get back on our Face-time so I can chat with the boys.  Remember this post from Ladybird D,  add this to your list!

Being festive with holiday, here’s some great heart stationery to get you started. . .


1, 2, 3

Up for the Challenge?

Love Hard!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  

Ladybird JPArchie

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