Love for Jam Town…

Spring is the time when we all start getting that urge to travel, the weather is getting warmer and the sun is shining brighter. Feeling restless from the winter season, we want to get out and stretch our limbs, jet off somewhere to lay on the beach, and sip on a cocktail with a floating umbrella. Last week we were having one of our many chat sessions about the blog, and as usual we got off topic and started chatting about travel.  Our travel plans with the fam, a much needed girls trip, and I broke in and said ” do you remember when we all met in Jamaica? Ha! That was a fun trip, I’ve got photos!” We all started laughing and reminiscing about that one trip to Mo Bay, and how much we love a good trip to Jam Town.  Girls trip?!?!  Planning a quick Spring jaunt?  BBB thinks you should add Jamaica to your list.

I’ve been to Jamaica so many times.  A few trips in college, a handfull after, and most memorable…my 30th birthday bash with 12 ladies.  Good times!  Here are some of my favorite places to sleep, eat, and be merry. . .

Sleep: If your looking for a small boutique hotel, then you have to stay at the Coyaba Resort.  Family-owned and operated and great service.  Very clean and the spa is amazing!  If you stay there during off-season, you will feel like you have the entire place to yourself.  Now, if you love a larger hotel with more amenities and activities, then I would go for the Ritz Carlton Rose Hall Resort and Spa.  And for more of a private exclusive feel, stay at the Half Moon Resort and Spa.

Eat: When I travel,  I like to take in the local food and not just eat at the hotel resto.  I’ve gotten some of the best food right on the beach in Montego Bay.  Jerk chicken, rice and peas, plantain, and veggies packed in a nice little container for easy holding while sipping a cocktail and lounging on the beach.  Perfect meal!  Not in to eating from the locals on the beach, then I suggest you run, don’t walk to Scotchies for some amazing jerk and a Red Stripe, and if your still hungry head on over to Juici Patties for the best darn shrimp patties ever.  After you eat and relax a bit, head out for some late night dancing and some cocktails at Margaritaville or try a local jamaican club (enter at your on risk).

It’s been way too long since I’ve been to Jamaica, think I might have to fit a quick trip in this year.   Jamaica definitely holds a special place in my heart.



Ladybird Toni chiming in…Indeed, some of my best vacation memories come from time spent in Montego Bay, Jamaica! From late night dancing here with my girls to late night golf carting here to ass-burning, good eating, best Jerk chicken-I’ve ever had here (thanks for the tip Ladybird Dyan),  Jamaica is definitely a place I can say I’ve come full circle: from a young, crazy, single girl hanging with my sisters and best girlfriends to a ready for relaxing, wife and mommy. For a fun time with the girls, I have to say Half-Moon Villas  hands down is where you need to be! I was on that 30th birthday bash with J.P. and it truly was one of the BEST vacays I ever had; everything we needed all in one place and a butler too-Loved it! For the family, I highly recommend the Ritz Carlton Rose Hall, Montego Bay! My little fam-bam has been twice now, and I can thank them for great food, great service, upgrades, and baby #2!!! They always have an excellent holiday special in December which is the perfect time to escape the cold and get a New Year’s tan-Love it! Here are a few of my favorite in Jamaica…I look forward to seeing you soon!



Last but not least, Ladybird Dyan here. This conversation was right on time for me because I was just telling the husband that we needed to plan a trip to Jamaica for our upcoming anniversary. Although we should probably travel somewhere new since we’ve already been, I just love Mo Bay. While I’m there, I usually don’t have many plans, which is alright with me. You’ll usually find me relaxing on the beach or by the pool, reading, listening to music, sipping on a cocktail or likely passed out from basking in the hot sun. It truly is the place to feel no worries so my main objective, tan, bronze and tan some more. Ha!

photo credit: blahblahbirds

photo credit: blahblahbirds

Oh, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the food, since you see, I also like to chow down. Like my Ladybirds have already mentioned, Scotchies is the place to go for some of the best (and hottest) jerk chicken ever! The hole in the wall restaurant on the side of the road is not much to look at by any means but when you’re there, it’s all about the food. Don’t forget to order a Red Stripe to help cool the palette. Ladybird Jennifer also mentioned Juici Patties. They have beef, chicken, shrimp and veggie, so everyone is covered. We literally had at least two patties a day during our last visit. For our romantic meal, we at at White Witch restaurant. Set atop a golf course, it boasts beautiful scenery and is the perfect place to watch the sunset. On our last trip, we stayed here also. Check frequently because they are often offering specials, like now, if you stay for four nights, you get the fifth one free. Not bad, huh? I think I’m off to make a reservation!

photo credit: blahblahbirds

photo credit: blahblahbirds


Clearly we have a lot of love for Jamaica and would travel there anytime!

Where are some places you love to go for a get away?

The Ladybirds
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2 thoughts on “Love for Jam Town…

  1. Perfect post, Ladybirds! We’re in the midst of planning a 40th birthday celebration for the boyfriend in Jamaica! After reading this, I really just want to pack up and go…NOW! 😉

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