BBBirds…Getting Fit for Spring!

Who’s ready for a little Spring Training?  The spring time is the right time to get in gear, get it tight,  and get it right for Summer! Oh yes, the beach will be calling and so are all these cute little shorts, dresses, and rompers-so join us for a little Spring Training, won’t you?  Here’s a little of what each of us are up to when it comes to our exercise, healthy living, beach- bod routine…




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I have to say getting back into a gym routine after baby #2 is no easy task!  I convinced my husband, who works out religiously, to join this gym because of their babysitting amenities…that was 3 years ago, and I’ve probably used the babysitting all of 5 times!!!  I know, I’m shaking my head right along with you, but for me, it’s all about the motivation, time, weather, and most importantly-MY HAIR!!!  Yes, the hair is a HUGE factor in terms of making a serious gym commitment; having to wash, blow-dry, and curl after each visit, isn’t always an option, but I am determined not to let that be the reason I can’t get into my favorite pair of jeans or why I’m out of breath after carrying a 22 pounder up a simple flight of stairs…Not an option!  So, Im taking on a challenge!  My husband, who is also an avid runner (he’s done a total of 8 marathons and half-marathons combined) sent me this and this was the spark I needed!  I’m gonna do a 5K y’all!!!  It’s something I put on this list and I can’t wait to be able to check it off my list, not to mention how toned I will be once I’m done with my training(power of positive thinking)!  So, what does my training consist of?? Well, right now I’m cutting back on my sweets(love my cupcakes and blondies), walking once a week with the family (family fitness) and hitting the gym with the littles for an hour!  I plan to mix it up with cardio and pilates(love the results and easy on my hair) and be ready to run all 3 whatever miles in June!!!  Wish me luck!!!  I know I can do this!!


Ladybird Dyan chiming in here. Working out has never been my thing, to say the least.  But ever since my hubby and I started dating, he has been gently encouraging me to work out.  I guess because I have a thin body frame and really can’t afford to lose any weight, my motivation has always been minimal although I know it’s important for overall health reasons.  So, I try to keep that in the forefront of my mind, but it has been a constant struggle.  We joined this gym many years ago and like always, I started off strong, but that lasted for like two months, if that.  I joined a tennis team five years ago and have played consistently, year round on the Alta and USTA leagues.  My team has had fun and done pretty well, winning city, state and regional championships and I equated these tennis matches to working out.



Unfortunately, that wasn’t flying with the hubby.  I’ve tried to workout with him, but I am a complainer.  I know this!  And since I wasn’t ready, I didn’t like the dual relationship of him being my man and my workout partner.  But I felt like I needed a trainer, someone to mix up my routine and exercises.  Enter H.E.A.T and LC.


One of my girlfriends recommended LC to me and low and behold, I finally found something that worked. I’ve been going 2-3 times a week for the past three months.  That is MAJOR progress for me.  Just like Ladybird Toni, the hair routine has definitely been an adjustment since I don’t do my own hair very well and recently cut my hair shorter which eliminates the possibility of rocking a ponytail.  So, in an effort to stay committed I have increased my hair appointments to every week and a half.  I could not let anything continue to compromise my working out any further.  I’m on a mission for FLOTUS arms and a Donkey Booty!  Ha!  Right now, personal training and tennis are working for me and I’m already seeing results.  My body will be ready for that beach in no time.


Dyan, I so relate to your story except for the thin body frame.  Ha!  Ladybird J.P. Archie is a very curvy girl!   Exercise and I are not friends and have had a love/hate relationship.  Love the results, but hate the pain!  Hate it!  I can give you any excuse in the book to why I can’t work out; I don’t work out past 6, I don’t work out on Mondays, I don’t work out because my hair will look like poof ball, I get shin splints, my heel hurts, I hate trainers-don’t like to be told what to do, and the list goes on and on.  Those excuses crack me up, but make my body so miserable.  No more excuses, I need to get it together!  I decided to try Zumba, but didn’t love it.  Might have been the class, but I needed something that got me drenched, raised my heart rate, and was quick.  So, I dusted off my spinning shoes and got back on the saddle (bike).


I currently go to YAS (Yoga and Spinning) downtown L.A.  Love the YAS studio…30 mins of spinning, 30 min of yoga is genius!  Get a little spin and a little zen!   It’s quick and relaxing!  Just what I needed!  I’ve been doing it for 2 weeks now three times a week.  I do spin on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and YAS class (spin/yoga) on Saturdays.   Last week (3rd week), I had some pain in my knee and heel which caused me to just do yoga all last week.   This is what causes me to stop working out, but I’m going to push through the pain, put on my work out leggings (love these) and get back on the bike this evening.  As for the food, I have cut my sugar intake and my portion size.  Drinking 80oz of water a day with lemon.  Confession: last weekend, I dibbled and dabbled in the sweet and wine department(celebrating), but back on it this week.  I’m also trying this 2 days of only 500 calories and then eat regular the rest of the week.  Dr. Oz said it works, so we shall see.  I think I’m on my way.  Through meditation and self-control, my body will hold it’s head up high.



How Do You Plan On Getting Fit For Spring?

Chat ya’ later!

The Ladybirds
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2 thoughts on “BBBirds…Getting Fit for Spring!

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  2. Loved this post Ladybirds. I might check out YAS since it’s in my city. Would love to check out HEAT in the ATL, though I think I’m going for the “Stallion Booty” Lady D- LOL. Zumba and Kickboxing are my exercise drug of choice.

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