Web-Jaunt, a weekly rundown of what captured our attention, fun and interesting info, and fabulous stuff we love across the web.


photo credit: camillestyles

Let’s Get Nuts!


photo credit: saturday

Love how this print came to life!


photo credit: style within reach

Down to try this!

photo credit: william sonoma

photo credit: william sonoma

looks like this will be a future date night

photo credit: whole foods

photo credit: whole foods

10 for $5. . .

photo credit: urban bush babies

photo credit: urban bush babes

whipping one of these up for my hair. . .

photo credit: martha stewart

photo credit: martha stewart

10 new smoothie recipes to try

and fun paper straws from this etsy shop for the smoothies too!

Have a fantastic weekend!
The Ladybirds
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One thought on “web-jaunt…

  1. Every time I have tried to open your post for the last few weeks I get ‘Awe Snap’. What’s happening?

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