Mommy-Chic Monday…I’m in Love with My Denim Shirt

photo credit: blah blah birds

Have you ever had a piece of clothing that you just couldn’t stand to part with? I mean, truly coveted-holes and all!! Well, I do…My favorite Gap denim shirt that I’ve had since 11th grade-yes, High School!!! I know, I know, it’s time to let it go, but it’s still in good shape. It came from the time when the Gap made quality clothing; that was built to last! The denim shirt is truly a wardrobe staple that endures all the trends and never loses its zeal. I heart mine and can’t get enough of the many variations that I’ve seen sprouting for spring!


photo credit: blah blah birds

connect the dots in denim

Enter, the Chambray shirt! I’m in love with this dusty blue version of the classic jean shirt. You can find it in almost any variation imaginable (e.g. me styling this polka dot one) and pair it with prints (I did), solids, darks, distressed, over a dress, or as a dress-whatever your heart desires; you can’t go wrong! I like to mix and match my chambray and denim and I’m not afraid to go matchy-matchy either; one can never be afraid to try a look at least once, right? I’m all about taking risk when it comes to trying out trends. Who knows, you may start a new one!

photo credit: pinterest

Now, it’s your turn to find the perfect denim shirt! Here are a few variations for you to sample…


In the event that my pride and joy just won’t survive another season, I’ll have lots of options to choose from (that Madewell Western shirt is at the top of my list).

Chat ya’ later!

Ladybird T.



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