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Ladybirds + Trader Joes= Love it! During our weekly chats, we always talk about new products and sites we found. I (J.P. Archie) told the ladies how I’m loving TJ’s Coconut Oil. So, we thought we would each use it, share our thoughts, and tell you if we think you should run out and BUY IT! Of course, I love it! Let’s see if we can get 3 out of 3!

Lately, the hubby and I have been on the coconut oil kick. Coconut oil is so good for your entire body. It improves heart health, boost thyroid function, increases metabolism, promotes a lean body and helps with weight loss, and supports the immune system. I use it for my hair and skin too! Definitely an all-around great addition to your lifestyle. I love it! So, imagine my total EXCITEMENT when I walked in to Trader Joes and saw coconut oil in a spray can. WHAT? I bought some for me and my mom. Ever since then, my olive oil spray that I use for whipping up eggs or sauteing veggies has taken a back seat. Now, if you don’t like the taste of coconut. . . no worries, it doesn’t have your typical coconut taste. More nutty taste than anything. . . which I love! You can use it to cook anything you use spray oil for. My usual is my yummy Egg Whites with Tomato, Basil, and Feta cheese scramble. Eat it almost every morning!

Here’s what I do. . .

-Spray pan with Trader Joes Coconut Oil Spray
-Saute the tomatoes and basil, sprinkled with whatever seasoning you like. I use a mix of garlic powder, chilli powder (put it on everything), and a pinch of sea salt.
-add Trader Joes 100% Egg Whites, 3tbsp of egg white= 1 egg
-stir until done
-transfer to a bowl and crumble a little feta on top.


Ladybird T– I too am a fan of T.J.’s! The husband and I were on T.J.’s hard last summer for our weekly dinner menus and my littles love their cinnamon graham crackers-they are TERRIFIC with a capital T! So, I was all too excited to get back to one of my favorite grocery outposts and try out this Coconut Oil Spray. Now, like Ladybird J.P.A., coconut oil has been a staple in my household as well, although I have not been the person putting it to good use-that’s the husband- he is always in the know about healthy, good products, foods, etcetera! The husband has been using solid coconut oil for a few years now; from cooking to skin lubricant and healing agent for our littles delicate skin and then recently I read this interview with Ziggy Marley which shed a whole new light on the greatness of coconuts, so I thought it might be time for me to jump on board!!! Fast forward to this past Friday, went to the gym with kids in tow and popped into T.J.’s excited to pick up my new product, only to be told “We don’t carry it here, sorry.” Oh, my heart sank! I couldn’t believe this; what were the Ladybirds going to have to come up with as an alternative? My mind was spinning and so were my boys!!! I had to think and act fast; I was just about to call the other Trader Joe’s in the area, but before I did, something told me to ask another person. So, I did and if persistence has taught me anything, it’s taught me to never take “No” for an answer, at least not the first No, anyway. Wouldn’t you know it, Brad (my helpful checkout guy) came to the rescue (couldn’t go wrong with a guy named Brad, right?). Brad whisked off to the back, only to return with what? Yep… my Coconut Oil Spray! Ring me up, Brad!!!

I didn’t waste anytime once I got home; put it right to use! We had pizza from our new spot and I thought I would whip up a veggie! So, the husband has been on a Kale kick and I’ve been somewhat hesitant, but open to try and whew to my surprise…Delish! I’m hooked on some oven roasted Kale, and I was going to make my first attempt at preparing without the husband’s help; here’s what I did…

Roasted Kale w/ Coconut Oil Spray

-Spray tin pan or cookie sheet (whichever you have readily available, we have Kale almost daily, so the tin is always ready and waiting). Spray just enough to coat bottom of pan
-Pour Kale (we get bagged version from Safeway) in tin pan
-Sprinkle with sea salt, ground pepper, garlic, and red pepper flakes
-Roast at 400 degrees for 20 minutes (we like a little crunchy, almost crisp) and Voila, you’ve got your side!

Yum tum! Now, the husband usually uses olive oil to coat the pan, but I substituted and he was none the wiser! I didn’t really pick up a distinct taste difference, which was fine by me since I can be a little sensitive to tastes. All in all, I loved the Coconut Oil Spray. I give it an A! It was easy to use and a great price too ($3 bucks). I will definitely be testing it out more in the coming weeks! I just tried it with my mini muffin pan omelettes (post coming soon) and those babies slid right on out!!!

Ladybird Dy – As much as I love Trader Joe’s, I can say I was definitely a little hesitant when Ladybird J.P Archie suggested we all try the coconut oil spray. I am not a fan of coconut. At. All. It’s probably one of those things that I’ve said I don’t like for so long now that if I actually gave it a try, it might not be as bad as my mental aversion to it. I thought about blue cheese and tried it recently and still hated it. So I’m going to stick with the “I don’t like coconut” me.

But, I trust my girl. She said it didn’t have a coconut taste to it. She said it has more of a nutty flavor. Hmph! Okay, at only $2.99, I could try it. I had no idea what I was going to make though. I don’t really use cooking spray and tend to stick to oils and butter. I first thought about doing some veggies or spinach but wanted to give a variety for you guys (see above).

I decided to do a pan seared salmon to go on top of a little salad for lunch.

How to:

– Rinse off salmon and pat dry. Season generously with kosher salt & pepper and spray with the coconut oil spray. This will help prevent the salmon from drying out during cooking.
– Generously spay the pan with the coconut spray oil and heat on medium-high for a few minutes to get the pan nice and hot.
– Place the salmon in the pan and let it cook. After a few minutes, turn the salmon over and cover with a lid to help it cook faster. It took about 8-10 minutes
– Remove the salmon from the pan and let rest a minute or two. Then serve the salmon as desired. I put mine on top of a salad with cucumber, avocado and feta cheese

photo credit: blahblahbirds

photo credit: blahblahbirds

I have to say, I was quite impressed with the coconut oil spray. It definitely did not have an overpowering coconut flavor but I did taste a subtle difference than when using olive oil. The salmon smoked up quite a bit while I was cooking it since I had it on a high heat but it was not as bad as with other oils and the salmon was still moist. I’m actually looking forward to using this spray again and and trying it with my eggs and roasting veggies. Thanks Ladybird!

All in all, the Ladybirds give it 3 out of 3! TJ’s does it again. So Go. Go get your Coconut Oil Spray today!!! You can thank us later!!!

The Ladybirds
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