Mommy-Chic Monday: Full of Beans…


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my littles at my favorite place…

At first read, one might think I was referring to something totally different in a less than fragrant capacity! Well, don’t fret, Full of Beans is my new go-to spot for all things cool and hip in children’s clothing. With Mother’s Day coming soon, I thought it would be easy to compile a list of things I would love like: Clarisonic-yes, it’s still on my list, these Chanel espadrilles-I think they are totally adorable, or a shopping spree to Anthro-who wouldn’t want that! But, I decided to focus on all things Little! I just love being a mom. Especially, a mom to two extraordinary boys-and no, ask around, they really are quite remarkable and keep me and their dad in stitches!!! Yes, I always thought, being a fashionista, I would be blessed with little girls to dress up and doll-up, but hey, who says you can’t keep your boys looking dapper and chic? Which is why I was all too excited to stumble upon this little gem, Full of Beans!!!

photo 1

photo credit: blahblahbirds
Full of Beans…My new fave!

Full of Beans (sorry, no website as of now, but in the works) has been around for over 20+ years, but I’m just getting acquainted with this little shop! Mary, the boutique’s owner is warm and very inviting, exactly what one wants in a memorable, shopping experience. I was smitten from the outside looking in and couldn’t wait until the shop opened , so I could get a closer look! So, I patiently waited and had coffee with a  mommy-friend, who low and behold had nothing but great things to say about this shop! So, I knew I had to get in, asap!

photo 2

photo credit: blahblahbirds
Full of Beans…Stylin your Littles from Tot to Teen

Once the clock struck 10, I was in there! And, let’s just say I was not disappointed! I spied some unique labels as well as familiar ones! I totally loved, the Parisian-vibe this boutique was offering and I nice change of scenery from my usual Gap Kids or Nordstrom.

photo 4

photo credit: blahblahbirds
Love everything about this shop!

Like I mentioned earlier, Mary made my first experience at Full of Beans one that I would not forget! I just loved how she and her dear friend were so laid back and chatty (like me) and to top it off, Mary even had her adorable grand-daughter bopping around in of course, the cutest of outfits, topped off with a faux fur vest-too cute!!! If you are in the D.C. area, be sure and check out Full of Beans- for all things little and friendly conversation! Tell her Toni sent ya!

Full of Beans-Children’s Boutique
5502 Connecticut Avenue, NW
(between N Livingston St & N Morrison St)
Washington, DC 20015
Neighborhood: Chevy Chase

(202) 362-8566

hours: Mon-Sat: 10am-5:30pm/ Sun: 11am-3pm

Have a Happy Mother’s Day to All the Mommy’s!

p.s. Happy Birthday, to my dear Ladybird Dyan!

Chat ya’ Later!

Ladybird T.

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5 thoughts on “Mommy-Chic Monday: Full of Beans…

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  4. Aawww..thanks for the bday love Ladybird!! Great post, and not just for the well wishes, lol. Love your styling the littles so well!

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