Typically, Friday’s are reserved for our weekly web-jaunt.  But with Mother’s Day this weekend, we wanted to pay tribute to our Fabulous Mother’s.  They are our first inspirations and we thought it would be fun to interview them and learn more about what or who inspired them.  Check out what they said.

Mama Gladys (aka FinnyP, Mama G)

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Who would you say were your style icons, past or present, and how did they influence your style?

I think my style was initially influenced when I was a very small girl, when I noticed the fashion worn by Loretta Young, a beautiful movie star with big eyes and a big smile that showed off her rather large red lips.  I watched her show every Sunday when she would sache’ onto the camera to music and then spin around to show how beatiful her dress was.  Immediately, I fell in love with the full dresses with the fitted waist and made of colorful organzas, lace and frills.  Later, I noticed Diana Ross whose soft, pliable and very feminine style of dress was very similar to that of Loretta Young.  The colorful feminine dresses and jackets that fit in the waist were very appealing to me.  Although I am a little heavier than either one of these women,  I would say their style caught my eye and has influenced my choice to this day.

What was the best vacation/trip we took together?

Since we have not gone on very many vacations together,  I would have to say that the best vacation or trip we took together would be when we cruised to Cabo San Lucas.  It allowed us to spend a great deal of time together without intrusion.  To be honest, I don’t think either of us enjoyed that trip.  It was boring!  I was feeling a bit fat and we didn’t do very much except eat.  Ha Ha !!!

What is your most memorable mothers day?

The most memorable Mother’s Day was when you planned and paid for our trip to the San Francisco area.  We stayed at a beautiful  bed and breakfast in Castro Valley owned and operated by a Black couple.  The setting was so beautiful and so comfortable.  I really enjoyed our sightseeing drive over the Golden Gate Bridge.  So much thought went into this trip,  and I especially liked that you took responsibility for the driving, for everything!

Mamabird Juanita (a.k.a, Mommy, Nita, Whitley, Jua Jua)

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Who would you say were your style icons, past or present, and how did they influence your style?

I guess I gained more of my style influences from reading.  I was always a reader and being from the country (Baker, FL), I always had the idea that there was always something else out there.  I was always reading about how to, where and why. I loved books on other cities, towns, wanting to know what areas were known for and what was their greatest accomplishment.  I looked at magazines also and loved Ebony, Seventeen and Glamour and I had lots of pen pals all over the country.  My grandmother once told me that I was going to have to start paying the mailbox rent because I was the only one getting all the mail.  If I had to pick people who influenced me, I would say Diana Ross’ style. I really liked her persona.  And then my grade school teacher, Ms. Allen, who was a perfectionist. I gained a lot from her and appreciated her because she didn’t perceive your effort as a failure.  From my mother and grandmother, I learned my work ethic and how to always be productive in something daily.

What is your favorite meal? What is your favorite thing for us to cook together?

My favorite meal would have to be fried chicken with collard greens, rice and gravy and cornbread. I enjoy when we’re in the kitchen during the holidays, preparing the meal, cooking and baking.  That’s my favorite time, just being in the kitchen with you.

What is your most memorable mothers day?

My most memorable mother’s day was the one after you were born. You were born on a Friday and my first mother’s day was that Sunday.  I was still in the hospital because I had a cesarian and back then you stayed in the hospital for seven days.  That was the first mother’s day your daddy got me flowers.  And the next one would be your graduation from college, which was on mother’s day.  I had to bring you home for a semester because we were having financial problems but you were determined to graduate on time with your class and I was so proud.  Really, I just enjoy being Dyan Scot Whitley Ross’ mother so much, everyday is like mother’s day, you’re just a blessing.

Mamabird Robbie (a.k.a.,  Mommy, Ma, NeeNee, Ms. Robbie)

photo credit: blahblahbirds

Mommy then…Me now…She still inspires me

Who would you say were your style icons, past or present, and how did they influence your style?

Anne Robinson, my oldest sister. She was always in the latest fashions and so classy. She taught at Langston and later at Fort Valley State, so she was always in a suit. She could really work a pencil skirt! She really taught me how to accessorize. I always admired her style and she truly inspired me.  As for a celebrity whose style I always thought was “stand-out”, Patti LaBelle. She wore some pretty loud get-ups, but I always thought she looked great! Nancy Wilson was another fave; very classy and one of your dad’s favorite singers!

What is your most memorable Mother’s Day?

My most memorable Mother’s Day was when your dad took us all to Victoria Station, an old restaurant with a tram that took you to the top of the hill where it was located. That was one of my favorite places to go and the whole family got together and we had a great time. It was sooo long ago, but it is one of my fondest memories of being with all the kids.

What is one thing (fashion advice, life skill, mommy wisdom) you tried to/ wanted to/ worked to pass down to me and hoped that I would pass down to my children?

To be respectful. I always hoped to instill how important it was to be respectful towards adults and in turn, you always knew how to behave in public. I used to take you any and everywhere and I see how you do that with your own children and I see how well behaved they both are in public settings and it makes me so proud. Another thing I hoped to pass on to you was coordinating your outfits and just dressing you in general. I always enjoyed shopping, especially with my girlfriends and picking out clothes for our children was always fun! And I see how much you love to dress your boys and it makes me so proud! You learned something from your Mommy.

We Love You!! Happy Mother’s Day!!
And Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mother’s out there.
The Ladybirds
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  1. Hay, it’s the day after Mother’s Day and I get to enjoy it again. My own Mother will be 97 in two weeks and I feel so blessed, I love the presentaton to us, but my cards I love more, You always found cards that make me feel special an d now my Son – in law does the same. I read some where that “Being a mom is a sacred partnership with God”. Hay J P I know that brunch was great, the pictures were

  2. This is so wonderful it made me cry. I so enjoyed the old pictures of your mothers. Those times seemed just yesterday. It was also uncanny to see how at around the same age we you all looked like us. Wow. Thank you all so much for this wonderful tribute. Had I known what this was about,I could have provided some more interesting times in my life and better pictures:)

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