Make-up Bag Monday…

Make-up Bag Monday will be a monthly series that looks deep within the beauty regimen of the everyday woman. and peeks inside her make-up bag too!  Send me a shout-out if you would like to tell us your beauty tips and tricks and have your make-up bag featured on Blah Blah Birds!

Hello Monday!  Wow, is it really Monday already?  Sheesh, where does the weekend go or better yet where does the month go, it’s already the 2nd full week in May?  Well, no worries, because I’ve got your make-up bag covered!!! Today’s make-up bag peek takes a look inside Ladybird Dyan’s bag!!!  Now, she is already a natural beauty, but hey a little enhancing never hurt anyone right?!?  Let’s check out what she has in store for us today, shall we?  We shall…

What’s your beauty routine?  My beauty routine is pretty simple.  Well at least I think it is.  I wash and moisturize my face in the morning, like I wrote about here, and that’s basically it.  Oh, everyday I also put on MAC’s eye shadow in Mystery, but wear it more like a top lid eyeliner than an eye shadow.  It helps give my eyes a little something, something everyday.  Then,  I add a lipstick depending on my outfit and mood everyday.  For a typical day-to-day, understated look, I usually wear Nars Blonde Venus, a nice neutral color.  Then I finish with a little perfume.  In the fall/winter, I love Flower Bomb and for a lighter scent in the Spring/Summer, I like Jo Malone Blue Agave and Cacao.  But I recently fell in love with this scent from Le Labo and may just make these my year-round signature scent.  Love it!   That’s my daily routine!   Unfortunately,  I’m not consistent with washing my face in the evening, especially when I don’t wear any make-up.  I try to exfoliate once a week,  but sometimes even that is a stretch.   I’m working on being more consistent with it,  but I do make sure to remove my eye make-up daily, using this eye remover.

photo credit: blahblahbirds

photo credit: blahblahbirds

What’s in your make-up bag?  I joked that I needed to work on making my Make-up Bag ready for this debut here.  Soo,  let’s see: Vaseline – for the lips, keeping it old school and consistent.  Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream – to use as hand protectant.  I cannot wash my hands without putting on a lotion or cream.  This is a little greasy though, so a little goes a long way.  Eyeshadow –  just in case I’m in need of a touch-up.  Covergirl lash blast mascara – in case I’m out and need to glam up my look a bit.  Laura Merceir tinted moisturizer & Nars cactus flower blush – if I need to transition from day-to-night.  I switch out my lipstick daily and try to only carry whatever lipstick I’m wearing that day, and an old MAC lipglass as a backup, just to give my lips a shine when needed.  Not necessarily beauty related, I always carry visine (I tend to have dry, red eyes and that is not a good look), dental floss (food in your teeth is not a good look either) and clear nail polish (so I will always have my nail strengthening base coat ready when I pop in the nail shop for my manicure).

What’s your favorite beauty product (in or out of your make-up bag)?  I discovered Kate Somerville’s quench last year and cannot stop singing its praises.  I love it!  Light and moisturizing and definitely gives me that little glow I’m looking for.  Also, I can’t forget vaseline.  It is just something I’ve used forever on my face, body,  and lips.  Even if I add other products, this has already remained a constant.

What’s your On-the-Go beauty tip?  Laura Merceir tinted moisturizer & Nars cactus flower blush are my on-the-go products to use when I need to freshen up my look.

What’s your best kept beauty secret? For me, avoid sodas and drink more water.  I don’t really drink soda, but when I do, I always notice a change in my skin and experience a mild breakout, so it’s just not worth it to me.  I am working on drinking more water and hoping to reach my goal of 64 oz a day.  Wish me luck!

Well, I gained a few good tips, how about you?  Thanks to Ladybird Dy for letting us in on some of her make-up tips and tricks!!  Can’t wait to see what’s in next month’s Make-Up Bag Monday!  Until then…

Chat ya’ later!

Ladybird T.

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