Make-up Bag Monday…

Make-up Bag Monday will be a monthly series that looks deep within the beauty regimen of the everyday woman and peeks inside her make-up bag too!  Send me a shout-out if you would like to tell us your beauty tips and tricks and have your make-up bag featured on Blah Blah Birds!

photo credit: ibarwellness center

Have you ever wondered what’s on the inside of a Dr.’s Make-up Bag? I know what I imagined to see-band-aids, first-aid ointment, hand sanitizer, etc. Well, today we get to take a peek inside a Dr.’s Bag! My sister-in-law, Dr. Nayo Wills is a practicing physician in DC and the owner of the I-Bar Wellness Center. As an integrative, holistic doctor, she may have a “granola” approach to life, but is certainly sans the granola look!  She’s all about promoting a healthy lifestyle and still maintaining a little Glam! Let’s see what the Dr. has in store for us today, shall we?


photo credit: nayo wills

What’s your beauty routine? 

I try to always remember that my skin is my largest organ. So, I wear very light makeup and try to use natural products as often as possible.  Why?  Because I know that everything that I put on my face is going to be absorbed and can impact my health and well-being.

So, I’m on the prowl for lines that are free of the major toxins decreasing my risk for disease, cancers and toxicity, but still offer hot colors for women of all shades.

Confession time– I still love Chanel, Nars, Dior, etc. So I wear them, but I give my skin more of a break with several makeup-free days per week. I always try to limit wearing certain colors (i.e., deep reds) and makeup brands that use lead and a lot of preservatives. (check out:

Before I even think about putting makeup on my face, I make sure I eat lots of nutrient dense foods and take my supplements, including veggies, cold water fish, nuts, seeds, vitamin C, D, E, B vitamins, fish oil, etc. I also “Vitamix” veggies and eat tons of cruciferous veggies to detoxify any toxic load that enters my body. Finally, I make sure that I support healthy hormone balance for healthy skin and whole health (crucial for beautiful skin and hair).  If you’re skin and hair aren’t right, your body may be trying to tell you something!

I also try to do a vitamin C scrub once a week for the anti-aging properties. I use a vitamin C based moisturizer and sunblock in the am before applying my makeup to protect my skin from aging effects of too much sun.


photo credit: avalon organics

What’s in your make-bag?

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, Nars “Taos” red blush (use very rarely when wearing red lipstick), Nars “Angelika” pink blush (my fave), Three Chanel long lasting lip glosses (Rouge Allure– “Insolence” 57, “Exces” 60, and “Merveille” 69), Nars “Flamenco” red Lipstick, Dior “Show Blackout” mascara, Chanel Liquid Liner Pen “Noir Black”, Clinique foundation 39 (only use on special occasions), MAC “Studio Finish” Concealer NW30 (to set shadows) MAC concealer NC45, and MAC eye shadows with golds (“Amber Lights”) and pinks (“Expensive Pink”) for the day with brown (“Brown Down”),  and black (“Black Tied” Velvet) and purple (MAC “Nocturnal”) for night (all of which I wear infrequently, now).

What’s your favorite beauty product (in or out of your make-up bag)?  

Dior Show Blackout Mascara- best I’ve seen.  I am just trying Dior Show Iconic Overcul Mascara which adds a curl to the lashes. So far so good.  And…Vitamin C based moisturizer and scrub.

What’s your Girl-On-the-Go beauty tip?  

If running short on time, I just blush, put on a few coats of mascara (see below) and lip gloss. My sunblock moisturizer has enough weight to it to set my makeup for the day.


photo credit: nayo wills

What’s your best kept beauty secret?

A makeup artist taught me that when putting mascara on go in to lashes with the brush pointing parallel to lashes. Then, coat lashes going in and out of lashes in a parallel fashion making a “W” going in and out of my lash line. Then, wiggle the brush up from the base of my lash line perpendicularly. For ridiculous lashes do this three times on each side.

Thanks, Dr. Wills for some great tips and tricks! I’m really inspired to look for more chemical free products, starting with this one-it’s paraben free as are all the products in this line! Love it! What tips or tricks will you be implementing??

Chat ya’ Later!

Ladybird T.

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  1. Great make-up bag Dr. Wills. I’m definitely going to try the vitamin c product line. And thanks for the reminder to get in my fruits and veggies!!! Going heavy this week to balance it all out for sure!

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