Web-Jaunt, a weekly rundown of what captured our attention, fun and interesting info, and fabulous stuff we love across the web.


photo credit: bkmag.com

we can’t get enough of this lady…i want to be her friend & move to bklyn (and she loves a red-lip too!)


photo credit: whowhatwear

now this is what i call stylish-biking


photo credit: dc tots

what summer is made for…mega playgrounds!


photo credit: cup of jo

give your food a hug

photo credit: refinery29

photo credit: refinery29

fresh and easy

photo credit: marie clarie

photo credit: marie clarie

love some streetstyle

Be fabulous!

The Ladybirds

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3 thoughts on “Web-Jaunt…

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  3. J.P. was telling me about how fashion forward Solange is. After I conducted my own independent research I was able to confirm that she does, in fact, have good taste in fashion. She’s not a bad on the 1’s and 2’s neither (that means she has respectable DJing skills, for all you laypersons).

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