My Weekend in My City…DC Baby!

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Fun in the City!!!

As of late, my weekends have consisted of birthday parties for the littles, baby showers, play-dates, and MORE birthday parties! Don’t get me wrong, I love socializing and celebrations, both big and small, but every now again it’s nice not to be “scheduled” and take time “off”…if only it were just that easy…Well, the Ladybirds and I were having our weekly pow-wow and we got to talking about cool things happening in each of our cities and thought it would be a cool idea to highlight some of the fabulousness of our own cities, since we each live in 3, mega-poppin’, metropolitan cities (read our bios), so here’s a little look at what’s fun and hip in my Big City…DC Baby!!!

Took in a little french fare with the husband on a date night at one of the hottest spots in Logan Circle/14th Street corridorLe Diplomate!

How cute is Le Diplomate? You’ll never believe it used to be a cleaners! Amazing how things change…Moving right along…

If you are planning a trip to DC, 14th St is where you want to be! Tons of great spots  to check out…

Lots of Fun to Get Caught Up In on 14th street! Check out what I spied…

pearl dive oyster palace


faithfully sweet

street art

m cafe bar (love this place when it was in chevy chase)

bar di Bari

Redeem (one of my fave dc boutiques)

quaint city streets

batch 13 (they even carry one of the Ladybirds fave)

historical sites (they are literally all around this town)

cute courtyard entry

miss pixie’s furnishings

Next, I ventured uptown to Friendship Heights, DC and did a little make-up shopping with my girl Tiffani-she Rocks- (and she’s a fan of Lianne La Havas too). Check her out at Bloomies-Friendship Heights!

Weekend wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include a little something for the Littles’. Beat the heat by hanging out at a local Barnes and Noble (they love the train-table) and indoor swim classes at our local gym-can’t beat the convenience of being able to workout and get your baby some swim lessons and T.J.’s is directly across the way-Score!

I’ve just given you a small sample of all the greatness this Big, little City has to offer! Don’t you want to see more?? Stay tuned…

photo 4-1

Until then, set sail, and go explore your city!

Chat ya’ later!

Ladybird T.

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