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We all have beauty secrets/tricks and know exactly what works for our face and body.  But are you willing to try something new? Lately,  I’ve been compiling a list of beauty secrets and tricks found on my trusty blogs that I’m getting around to trying.  Adding and buying new beauty products can hurt the pockets and sometimes scare the skin into breakouts or dryness, but if you pace yourself it should all work out fine.   So, I thought I would share a few. . .

1. Garance Dore on Make-Up Cleansing (click link to read more)
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“Oil is your friend. Oil is great when you’ve got something heavier on your face like a waterproof mascara or a liquid eyeliner. I am really lazy with my mascara. One time I couldn’t be bothered to open my make up kit and I opened my cabinet and had Argan oil inside and I thought, “Oh, well that is oily, that will do it!” and it was amazing. Be careful not to get it in your eyes! Put a little on your fingertip and rub it across your eye. It really feels like it moisturizes my eye.

Once you wipe off your makeup, you need to take a cotton pad and some clean water and take off the oil. Don’t leave oil on your face because you’ll get spots.  I use John Masters Organics Argan Oil, it’s really good and really fast.”

I’m a fan of John Masters haircare products, but have not tried the Argan Oil.  Should be available at Wholefoods and Amazon too.  Also, a fan of Garance cute blog!


2. Tracee Ellis Ross on Some Truly Accessible Beauty Products (click link to read more)


Beauty products are great, but they can also be super expensive and a pain to find.  That’s why I seriously appreciate drug store beauty products,

Aquaphor Healing Ointment: It’s a multi-use alternative to vaseline.  It’s great for your cuticles, just rub it into your hands after you wash them.  Slap it on your feet, and cover with socks before you go to bed or get on an airplane.  It’s really just great.

Cottonelle Moist Wipes aren’t just for your bathroom.  Most of the Matte lipsticks that us ladies use are not easy to get off, and using expensive make up removers to get a fresh application can start to break the bank.  But Cottonelle moist wipes do a great job of taking off your Lipstick! They keep a gal fresh in more than one way.”

I think I would try anything T. Ross uses. lol!  Love her. . .my other Girl Crush!  I started trying the wipes and they do a fab job of removing those poppin’ lipcolors.   Haven’t gotten around to trying the Aquaphor, but I have it on my next Target run list.

3. Francheska of Hey Fran Hey on Honey Cleansing (Click on link for more)

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Having trouble with your skin? I posted a video discussing The Oil Cleansing Method for beautiful clear and glowing skin a few months back. A lot of you have been loving it! But a few of you said it didn’t work out for your skin type and asked for yet another all-natural alternative against acne and dark spots. Have you ever tried using Honey as a cleanser? Raw and Manuka are my personal preferences as cleansers. One ingredient so not only is it super healthy but it’s also super affordable! Watch this video to see how it works! Hope you love it!”

I’ve tried her oil cleansing method and I noticed a big change in my skin, but I did not stick with it.    You do have to find the right oil for your skin.  I like sweet almond oil and Argan oil as a moisturizer at night.  Haven’t tried the Honey Cleansing yet.  Will do very soon!   Check out her video. . .she’s awesome!

So, what do you think?  All these ladies are fab. . . Will you try any?  I’ll share a few more of my beauty finds in about a month or so.  For now. . .

Got any beauty secrets you want to share?
Chat Ya’ Later!
Ladybird J. P. Archie
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  1. This is fantastic!! I’m still visualizing TER doing our Makeup Bag series!!! Love her! And I totally stand behind that Aqua as my kids call it! Great for all things beauty and more!!

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