Web-Jaunt, a weekly rundown of what captured our attention, fun and interesting info, and fabulous stuff we love across the web.

photo credit: tracee ellis ross instagram

photo credit: tracee ellis ross instagram

I heart this!  Laugh hard!




photo credit: le catch

what’s your everyday uniform?




photo credit: rms beauty

au natural…thinking I want to try this!



taking you back… back to the days when I could really groove! Love this jam!



photo credit: brika

photo credit: brika

I just discovered this local blogger and she found these awesome engraved wood city maps. I’m getting one of LA fo’ sho! But they have a ton of other cities and coasters too



photo credit: google

photo credit: google

I don’t think I’m too late on this one but have you guys checked out this series?!?! LOVE it! only 3 episodes left and I started watching it on Monday.



photo credit: nymag

photo credit: nymag

btw, can’t wait for the return of Walter White this weekend



photo credit: honestly yum

photo credit: honestly yum

since it’s Friday, this will be my cocktail du jour for the weekend. will you join me???



photo credit: daily candy

photo credit: daily candy

43 spots to indulge. . .



photo credit: who what wear

photo credit: who what wear

will you be participating in this trend?



What did you find on your web-jaunt this week?
The Birds will see you here next week!
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