My End of Summer Five…

Summer is coming to a close, and I’ve got a full list of stuff to do before it’s over.  Really, living in L. A., the weather is always nice so I can do the outdoor stuff year-round.  But, there’s something about Summer being over, you tend to start getting that Fall mentality.   Staying in, cozy cooking, and snuggling up in sweaters starts to consume your thoughts.   Well, I’m not there yet and I’ve got some Summer things to get into. . .



1. Making this pitcher of Rose Sangria. . .yessss!!  Looks so refreshing.  Birthday drinks!!!!

photo credit: david lebovitz

photo credit: david lebovitz



2.  have a beach day, so I can finally wear my new suit


photo credit: jparchie



3.  eat homemade lemon jello

photo 3

photo credit: jparchie



4.  take another quick road trip to Santa Barbara


photo credit: jparchie



5.  prepare and indulge lobster potato salad and burgers all at the same time



What’s your end of summer list?


Chat Ya’ Later
Ladybird J. P. Archie
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2 thoughts on “My End of Summer Five…

  1. I had bookmarked that lobster potato salad too! Thanks for the reminder, will add to my “summer close” list too

  2. I heart this list. The end of summer means the start of a new school year for me and I’m looking forward to watching my littles start their school journey! It’s going to be bittersweet.

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