Web-Jaunt. . .a weekly rundown of what captured our attention, fun and interesting info, and fabulous stuff we love across the web.


really loving Mrs. Richie. . . she’s pretty hilarious!



photo credit: olive & june via daily candy

j.p. archie, already booked her appointment here!



photo credit: refinery29

loving her pad…



photo credit: j. crew

j.crew has it going on for fall…gotta get my hands on this!



photo credit: daily candy

looking forward to donuts and pop-tarts here !


photo credit: foodiecrush

photo credit: foodiecrush

love, love, love burrata. the season is coming to a close so this is a must make


photo credit: camillestyles

photo credit: camillestyles

still searching for the right bar cart (because of #4) but when I do get one I’ll sure know how to make it beautiful


photo credit: heatherchristo

photo credit: heatherchristo

but I’m sure I’ll make these bourbon cherry cokes before then!

Happy Weekend!

The Ladybirds

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