80’s & 90’s Movie Classics

I came across this post last week and it really got me thinking about a few things:

1) Summer is quickly coming to an end, BOO 😦  I prefer summer so much more but there will likely be long, cold nights and weekends that will be perfect for staying in for a movie night.

2) I too need to get rid of my old videotapes and replace them with DVDs. I tried to get my hubby to agree to us keeping the dual unit we had but he was not feeling that. So, we don’t even have a VHS player anymore so really, those videotapes are not serving me any purpose right now.

3) My movie days would be a little different than Katy’s and include more of the classic black movies from the 80’s and 90’s. Don’t get me wrong, some of the movies on her list are a couple of my faves (The Notebook and Steel Magnolias) but these flicks will keep me throughly entertained for days.

The HOT List:

House Party is a classic with the best dance/party scene ever

Strictly Business, when Martin, Denise Huxtable’s husband, chases Halle Berry around the city. And Jodeci makes an appearance too

Maaaaarrrcus and Strange’, it stinks so good. Boomerang, ’nuff said

Sooo much laughter in Coming to America. Love this one!

The Wood always makes me a little nostalgic

Love & Basketball, because I rooted for them since they met in Elementary School.

Janet was not the best actress, but she rocked those box braids, Regina King nailed her part and Tupac. Poetic Justice

Ride or die, best girlfriends in Set It Off 

Love Jones could be on all day, everyday, no explanation needed

I’d save The Best Man for last because it would get me totally excited for the upcoming sequel

best man holiday


On a side note, since writing this post and realizing that all but two of the movies are $5 or less, let’s me know I really have no excuse not to replace my videotapes, ha!

So what do you think? What movies are on your list?

Chat ya’ later
Ladybird D
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4 thoughts on “80’s & 90’s Movie Classics

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  2. Simply the best!!! How about I still need to do something with my wall of CDs, let alone VHS tapes!! One day at a time. Think I might have to watch a Lil Love Jones this weekend…Fave!!

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