Web-Jaunt . . . a weekly rundown of what captured our attention, fun and interesting info, and fabulous stuff we love across the web.

cute cute cute. . .in honor of our ladybird dyan’s “Le Chop”


inspiring. . .she rocked it!


photo credit: fashionbombdaily

photo credit: fashionbombdaily

Idris Elba on the October cover of GQ magazine? Why yes please, and thank you. Plus, 26 other reasons to love all of him


photo credit: huffington post

photo credit: huffington post

the habits of supremely happy people


photo credit: foodbeast

photo credit: foodbeast

treat yo’ self to these churro waffles this weekend


fall inspiration


fall favorites

Have a fun weekend!!!
The Ladybirds
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4 thoughts on “Web-Jaunt

    • thanks for sharing the video Emelia! I’ve watched it several times to try and even listen to the interview b/c I am way to busy admiring that sexy human being, lol. And he can definitely rock a 3-piece suit. Ladybirds, I may have to see if I can get the husband in one, lol

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