Fall Cookbook Wish List

A new season is among us and that means it is time for new inspiration as we start to close out 2013. So I turned to Amazon in search of some new cookbooks to add to my collection. It’s true, I only really use them occasionally and am more addicted to collecting them and looking at the pictures. But I just can’t help myself. They get me really excited about being in the kitchen and entertaining. I’ll cook from them eventually.

Here’s what’s on my wish list right now

photo credit: yumsugar

photo credit: yumsugar

I have the Jerusalem cookbook, which is absolutely gorgeous so I know I will devour this one by the same author. This is a must.

photo credit: usaweekend

photo credit: usaweekend

Tracy just shared a recipe from this cookbook with variations on the ultimate comfort food. I dare you to look at her post and tell me that macaroni & cheese doesn’t look all kinds of amazing.

photo credit: foodandwine

photo credit: foodandwine

I’ve looked at this cookbook every time I go into Anthropologie but have resisted the urge. Beautiful photos, fresh and easy recipes. It’s on the list!

photo credit: amazon

photo credit: amazon

A nod to a local chef at one of Atlanta’s fine dining restaurant and marketplace, I have this cookbook saved for it’s upcoming release date. It promises to highlight the season’s best foods with entertaining tips as well.

I think that should last me until the next season. Ha! Have you added any new cookbooks to your collection?

Chat ya’ later
Ladybird D
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