The Replacement Skirt…


Céline Fall ’13
photo credit: my daily edition

What do you do when you refridgerator decides to breakdown, unthaw, and leak into your spare closet, ruining one of your favorite Banana Republic leather skirt circa 1999(Do you still have yours Ladybird Dy)???   You go on the hunt for the Replacement Skirt! Thank goodness leather or even faux leather(a very hot, affordable option) being high on the fashion trend list; add midi length and I’m left with lots of viable options; not to mention I was really inspired by the Celine one pictured above! Not really in the budget right now, but in the meantime I found a couple of great, pleated, faux leather options, including these greats from Zara and Leith! I’m also very drawn to this, this, and ooh, this!! Which one do I choose! Which would you choose?

Chat ya’ Later!

Ladybird T.

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