Fly With Me. . .

Felicia Leatherwood
 Loving Your Hair with Natural Care
Natural Hair Guru/Beautiful Spirit
Origin: Los Angeles, Ca
photo credit: natural selection

photo credit: natural selection

last trip:

San Francisco for a natural hair art sculpturing event

long stay favorite:

senegal, west africa

quick jaunt:

cabo san lucas.  it’s close to los angeles and I love to lay on the beach

window or aisle seat:

I like both!  If I drink a lot of water then I like to be on the aisle, but I like the window to have a place to rest my head and to take photos.

personal baggage:

travel with two bags and a really large purse to carry all the little things I like for travel.  I definitely love my roller bag which takes the pressure off my arms and back.

plan in advance or throw it all in:

a little bit of both.  I’m kind of last minute due to my line of work.  I have be ready to go at a moments notice.  So, planning in advance or packing too early usually doesn’t work for me because I usually forget something, but if I do it last minute I remember everything.

packing wisdom:

best thing for packing is that all your favorite things are secure within your luggage and use plastic bags and wrap them up really well so they don’t get broken/crushed by security.  also, make sure you take books that you have had a hard time finishing, because traveling will help you atch up and read those books.

never travel without:

moisturizer is a must to keep your face hydrated during the flight.  I always have my Vbar lady and Biore facial cleasner.  Also, a must is music.

your travel style:

Dark glasses and a nice scarf or wrap around me. a great way to dress things up when you get off the plane.

travel jewelry:

I love to wear a lot of costume jewelry, but it’s hard to travel through security with too much jewelry. So, a nice delicate necklace and bracelet will do.  I might throw on a ring and usually wear small studs.

travel scent:

lavender or jasmine oil to keep me calm and relaxed

travel cocktail/beverage:

usually bring my favorite tea which helps me relax and stay warm or a glass of chardonnay or champagne when I travel in first class.

before you land refresher:

usually like to put on kiehls lip balm and argan oil on my face and skin.

tour guide or local fun:

international trips I like to use a tour guide, but also like to get out my map to explore and find the local fun.

one thing you must do in every place you go:

I must try the local food and what the locals eat.

next jaunt:

Lagos, Nigeria for 10 days


Thanks for traveling with us, Felicia!

Stay tuned for more Fly With Me next month

chat ya later
Ladybird J. P. Archie
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