Jeni’s Ice Cream in Atlanta

photo credit: facebook

photo credit: facebook

The wait is finally over my friends! Atlanta is getting a Jeni’s ice cream shop and the grand opening it TODAY!!

I don’t know if I’m even able to contain my excitement. Good ice cream is a close second to my love of doughnuts. So when I saw the sign at Westside Provisions a couple of months ago, I immediately pulled over to investigate. Not quite open at the time, I made the necessary steps, following them on twitter and facebook, to make sure I was “in the know” of when they would open. And it’s here, it’s really here!

I can’t wait to get my tastebuds on the seasonal sweet potato with torched marshmallows flavor that I tried last year. I’m also looking forward to finally trying an ice cream sandwich! Among many other tasty flavors. Don’t worry if you don’t live in Atlanta, you can always order online. Plus there are shops in Chicago and Nashville.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they open one in LA and DC for my fellow Ladybirds 😉

Chat ya’ later
Ladybird D
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