Thanksgiving dinner? There’s an app for that!

photo credit: Bon Appetit

photo credit: Bon Appetit

We have a little over two weeks before the most anticipated meal of the year and it’s time to get planning. If you are hosting dinner, it doesn’t matter if you are expecting a house full of people or a small intimate bunch, planning is essential. I generally have a tendency to wait until the last minute but with Thanksgiving, I like to start a little early to make sure that I am not rushed and get to enjoy the day with loved ones.

This year, I have downloaded this, free handy dandy Thanksgiving manuel from Bon Appetit to keep me on target. It’s full of old and new recipes, kitchen tips to ensure seamless prep and step-by-step videos. Plus, once you determine your menu, there is a schedule that helps you make sure you get the bird and all its fixings on the table by dinner time.

Have you started planning yet?

Chat ya’ later
Ladybird D
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