The Perfect Parka. . .


photo credit: pinterest
Tamu of All the Pretty Birds is Rocking her Parka!

Is it Winter yet? Lord, here on the East coast it certainly feels like it! Cold-weather always seems to make the holiday season feel just perfect, but this time of year also means lots of outdoor activity-Holiday Shopping, Ice Skating, Tree-Picking, etc., which means your outerwear needs to be up to par! Have you gotten a stylish winter coat yet?  I’m in love with the Parka this fall/winter. Which leads me to my latest fashion quest-The Perfect Parka! To me the perfect parka would have all of the following elements: detachable fur hood, warm, preferably removal, lining(great for transitioning right into Spring), and cinched waist-to add the feminine effect. I found a couple of great options here and here. Totally in love with this one (love the army effect) and this one for its faux leather sleeves. And this one, if you want guaranteed warmth! Oh, so many to choices!


photo credit: pinterest


photo credit: pinterest


photo credit: pinterest

How will you be keeping warm this Winter?

Chat ya’ later!

Ladybird T.

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