A Food Enthusiast’s Wish List

We’ve given you gift guides here, here and here. But this is more like my Christmas wish list. My letter to Santa. And lets be real…a little help for my hubby!

This could certainly serve as a little inspiration if you’re looking for something for the culinary enthusiast in your life. Ahem, although you could never go wrong with Le Creuest (do you think my hubby is getting the picture yet?)

These are just a few other things that would make me smile if they were under my tree.

foodie wishlist2

1. I haven’t had microwave popcorn since I rediscovered homemade popcorn a few years ago. The whirley popcorn popper would be a fun addition.

2. I don’t really need this since Jeni’s opened a local Atlanta shop but this would be great for anyone on your list with a sweettooth

3. My mom swears by these knives for her lettuce and other produce and mother knows best

4. Just because pretty and functional things in the kitchen make me smile, I’d love the green and pink set

5. This would be a fun weekend activity and then invite some friends over for a wine and cheese gathering

6. These sound delightful

7. The absolute cutest calendar for 2014, hand illustrated plus a new cocktail recipe every month! This is a win-win

8. There are plenty of cookbooks on my Amazon wish list that should make it fairly simple for my hubby but this is the one I want next. Everything I’ve tried from their blog has been a success so I can’t wait to drool over the pictures and devour the recipes

9. Again, pretty and functional. It’s the little things that add to the whole kitchen

10. It’s the state of California, so that’s pretty self-explanatory as to why I want this. And in my opinion one can never have too many cutting boards

11. I just read about these here and I MUST try these. Plus, there’s a store that I’ve added to my “list” for the next time I’m in Seattle

What’s on your wish list?

Chat ya’ later
Ladybird D
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