My Year. . .2013

Welcoming a New Year lends itself the opportunity to reflect upon another year’s passing, renew, and recharge.  For me, 2013 went extremely fast. I know, I know, it feels as if all the years pass at light speed, especially when you have children, but Wow-is it really 2014??


photo credit: blahblahbirds
My year in review

As I reflect, I thought I would focus on all the things that were positive about the year. . .

Celebrating my children’s birthdays-their first joint birthday. . . Don’t know if we can pull that off again?!?

Traveling to one of our favorite places. . . Nevis

My youngest entering Kindergarten and seeing him everyday! (I work at his school-lucky me!!!!)

Welcoming so many babies in my friendship circle (Overjoyed at Ladybird JPA’s latest venture…Mommyhood)

Girl’s Trip to Palm Springs. . . I love getaways with my girls!

My bestie finding the Love of her Life. . .Love. . .It’s a Beautiful Thang!

Feeling extremely blessed and appreciative to have such an amazing partner, teacher, and friend. . . My husband!

Running not one, but two 5k races! Stepping out on faith is an amazing thing!!

In 2013 I truly learned and witnessed, when you put your mind to something, all things are attainable. . . I choose to sing out loud, Zumba, love on my boys, and step out on Faith even more in 2014!

Happy Re-New Year!

Chat ya’ later!

Ladybird T.

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