Ready, Set, Go. . .2014!!!

Happy 2014!  I hope everyone’s year has started off fabulously.  My year started off with the hubby and I having the flu.  Yes, the yucky flu!  We rang in 2014 with one eye open and fresh from the emergency room.  As soon as it hit midnight, we patted each other and said good night. Ha! What a party! At least we were sick together.  Spent the next week getting better.  Finally we are back to normal with a lingering cough, and ready to prepare and plan for our little bundle coming in June!!!!

With the basics on our list of things to-do (birthing classes, baby registry, baby room, etc.) I’m constantly thinking of our upcoming Babymoon in Feb. Can’t wait!  I’ve been attached to the house for so long and I’m ready to break free!  Since we are on a budget and want to save our money for some home renovation we decided to stay local. Really wanted to soak of the sun on a beach in Hawaii, but California will be just fine.

So, we’re headed up North again to our favorite B&B in Mendocino. . .


and finishing our trip at a quaint B&B in Carmel just in time for a romantic Valentine Day weekend.  Here’s a quick look inside La Playa Carmel. . .





Beauty in our own backyard. . .I’m ready to go!
Where are you traveling this year?

Chat ya’ later,

Ladybird JPA

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