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Cookies and Crafts 2013

With winter in full effect and more cold days ahead, one has to keep it creative and fun-filled for the kiddos!! Fresh off the heels of my 2nd annual Cookies and Crafts and not to mention the Polar Vortex, this mommy remains in crafting mode, especially with two very, energetic, always ready to go, go, go, little people, I thought some of you might also appreciate some clever, easy to do, fresh and fun activities to do with the kids!

Of course the first place I went for ideas was Pinterest! You can’t go wrong here. So much inspiration! The next place you can never go wrong with is Oriental Trading Company-this is where most of my crafting materials come from. Inexpensive and fast delivery! I also love researching my Parents magazine! They always have great ideas around this time of the year for all ages! Here are a few crafts that I think are worthy of being checked out. . .


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Valentine’s Day is coming (I mean, have you been in a CVS drugstore?? Overload!!) so why not stamp some cookies with love! Here’s a simple sugar cookie recipe and cutter, use a pastry brush to dab red food coloring onto clean rubber stamps and boom-Cookies with a Message!


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Wanna keep up with what’s hot in kidville? Get to looming! Rainbow looms are all the rave, trust me I work with kids for a living and they love these modern day friendship bracelets! They are super cute! I would totally rock one!


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Has your little one recently lost a tooth? How about crafting a Tiny Tooth Fairy Card? Now, this is more of an adult craft, but hey channel your inner kid and give a clever, correspondence to your growing little person!

Just a little something to help cure those cold-day-in-door blues! Happy Crafting!

Chat ya’ later!

Ladybird T. 

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