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We Ladybirds are challenging each other to Unplug and Disconnect from all devices in the new year! We are each embarking upon this challenge, in our own way. Taking it one day at a time, we talked about various ways that we can unplug from social media, internet, and all electronic- smart– devices! Give your brain a break and a chance to reset by trying the following:


photo credit: pinterest

Ladybird T: I’m starting the New Year by picking one day a week to not check in on Instagram and to sleep without my iPhone in my bedroom. This way I resist the temptation, that comes in the middle of the night, to check my email, read blogs, and of course browse Insta! It is quite the addiction, which is why Im totally up to the challenge! I want to be a good example for my, already addicted to iPad, little boys!

photo credit: huffington post

photo credit: huffington post

Ladybird D: Similar to Ladybird T, I would check my email, insta, etc. in the middle of the night when I checked the time, couldn’t sleep, or experienced insomnia. But a few months ago, I accepted the fact that it was interrupting with my ability to get a good night sleep and was just plain unnecessary. I’ve done great with that challenge and must admit, I’m getting a better night’s rest. So my next challenge is to unplug during meal time or when I’m at a restaurant. The most difficult part of this is wanting to take a picture of my food. So I will allow myself that one indulgence, and that’s it. The phone will be put away, no texting or social media, just being present.

Ladybird J: As my girls said, social media can cause major problems in your life. Not being present during dinner, watching a movie with the hubby and having to rewind the movie several times due to me looking at my phone, sitting in traffic scrolling through my phone (I’ve gotten two $162 texting tickets and they weren’t for texting…I was looking at Instagram), picking up my iPhone instead of picking up a book, and the list goes on. I already totally unplug on Mondays, but I’m going to add putting my cellphone away during dinner, quality time with family, and not waking up and going to sleep by iPhone. I-can-do-it!!!!!

Are You Up to The Challenge?

How will you Unplug?

Chat ya’ later!

The Ladybirds
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