Raw Food Week

To jump start our new year, the hubby and I decided to do a raw food cleanse for one week. Of course it’s pretty stereotypical to start the new year of with these types of resolutions, diet changes, workouts, etc. But just like most people, we had an overly indulgent couple of months between November and the new year. Sweets, carbs, eating out and alcohol…we were definitely in need of a reboot. Enter raw foods week, a cleanse we had done once before so it shouldn’t be too bad, right?

photo credit: google blahblahbirds

photo credit: google

not my fridge, but my shopping list so my refrigerator was quite similar

The hardest part about eating raw food last week, going through this and wishing I could eat some type of comfort food that’ll stick to your bones. We forged ahead though and made it.

We had a juice or smoothie for breakfast and then I’d also make one to pack in our lunch for a late afternoon snack

photo credit: blahblahbirds

photo credit: blahblahbirds

Green – spinach, kale, cucumber, celery, lemon & pineapple

Orange – carrots, oranges, apple & ginger (our favorite)

Red – beets, apples, carrots & ginger

Brown – dates, banana, almonds, cinnamon & almond milk (this was our nightly dessert when the sweet tooth hit us)


For lunch, I made a large bowl of this detox salad that lasted the entire week. We also snacked on apples, tangerines, and a mix of raw nuts and dried fruit (almonds, cashews, pecans, raisins, cranberries and apricots)

photo credit: just a taste blahblahbirds the stone soup

photo credit: just a taste
the stone soup

Dinner was a variety of salads. This one, as the recipe called for and then with avocado the next day (soo good). A simple salad of romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomato, bell pepper and avocado. Then this delicious broccoli and avocado salad.

It wasn’t as hard as it seemed. It just takes a lot of planning and some preparation. The worst thing is to get hungry and not know what to eat because that is when you will cave in. I realized how much I like to snack and really had to resist a piece of candy here and there. Or cheese and crackers or chips! Overall, I’m happy I did it and feel renewed to keep up my awareness of a healthier eating regimen. After a week of eating like this, it is hard to put a cookie, cheeseburger or piece of pizza in my mouth.

How are you keeping up with your healthy eating habits?

Chat ya’ later
Ladybird D
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