My Night With Diane. . .

This past Monday night I spent the evening with Diane von Furstenberg and her wrap dress.  She talked, I listened!  I had the awesome opportunity to attend a talk between W magazine editor-in-chief, Stefano Tonchi and the fabulous Diane at LACMA here in L. A. followed by a reception with yummy bites and champagne (sparkling water for me) and exhibit viewing.  It was an amazing night. . .one that I will always remember.

Diane spoke candidly about growing up in Europe, her relationship with her mother and father, being “in a women’s body, with a man’s mind”. . . free and independent when she moved to the U.S., how the wrap dress is a symbol of “confidence”, empowering women all over the world, and living life without self-doubt or low self-esteem. . .”life is too short, there’s no time to lack self-confidence”. Just be you and celebrate you!

From Jan-April 1st, Diane is celebrating 40 years of The Wrap Dress with an amazing exhibit showing at LACMA, The Journey of the Dress.  If you’re in the area or plan to visit, please add this to your list.  Don’t want to miss this!

Here are some photos of my night. . .


Then this happened. . .

It was a fabulous night!


chat ya’ later

Ladybird J

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