Hidden Places: The Olea Hotel

olea hotel

olea hotel

You may have figured out by now that I’m a girl who likes to be on-the-go.  You say let’s go and I’m in the car or on the plane.  Being pregnant has slowed me down, but I plan to get back to it when our little bundle gets here and settled.  When I travel, I usually seek out very quaint, unique, and hidden places. . .off the beaten path, but still keep the luxe.  The hubby and I love to explore Northern Cali.  It’s beautiful, close, there’s wine tasting, and many parts remind me of the French countryside.   We hop in the car and go!

So, recently I came across this hidden gem in Sonoma, Ca called the Olea Hotel.  On a hillside, surrounded by oak and olive trees, comfy rooms, serving amazing breakfast, and wine and cheese in the evenings. . . sounds like heaven to me.

Let’s go inside. . .







photos: olea hotel

Putting this hidden place on my list, so should you!

Chat ya’ later,

Ladybird J.P.Archie

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