French T’s. . .


photo credit: jcrew

Lately, I keep coming across the cutest tees with French wording.  In fact we mentioned one here too!  I don’t know if this is a sign that a trip to Paris is in my future or just a spring/summer trend??? Hmmm. . . Well, I will patiently see what the future holds, but just in case Paris is not in my near future, here are a few of my favorite French T’s to tide me over. . .


photo credit: zara


photo credit: jcrew


photo credit: jcrew


photo credit: jcrew

Tee’s are the perfect go-to-item, especially for mom’s on the go! And if tees aren’t your thing, these hat’s from one of our fave’s, sums it all up! Merci!

Au revoir!

Ladybird T. who is dreaming of all things Paris!!!

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