Cream Baggage. . .


Happy Thursday!!!! It’s April, and I think a Spring bag is in my future!  When I think of a Spring bag, I think light and airy.  A good cream bag is a MUST for Spring/Summer!  Now, you wouldn’t believe it but I don’t own a cream bag.  I do have a white bag (it’s retired), but not cream.  Sooo. . .I’m on the look out for a fun one, and I’m really feeling this one from Baggu. Starting to love their designs. Gets better and better!  Now, when you’re thinking of purchasing a cream or white bag you don’t want to drain your pockets. right?  This is not an investment buy, it’s an I want to take a cream bag for spin every now and then buy.  So, I wouldn’t spend too much, but if you really want to splurge check out this, this, and this. . . fabulous!  Here’s what I found. . .


Let’s shop some cream bags. . .





Happy Shopping!!!

Chat later
Ladybird J
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